The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard of: CT Fletcher

I met CT Fletcher out of Metro Flex gym located in Long Beach, California.  My first impression of meeting CT was dam, this dude is nice as hell.  His upbringing was consisted of raw training. He had a very interesting, and through this video I learned. I didn’t want to ask for his story without the camera being on. The result of the interview was this video.



  1. Avery

    i just stumbled upon CT Fletcher on youtube a couple days ago.Ever since he has become my new inspiration,motivating me through my amateur bodybuilding career.thanks.

  2. Jacob Lopez

    How would i be able to workout with him do i sign up or just go to the Metro Flex gym, Yea I’ve been watching alot of his videos and he’s exactly what i would want in a workout partner/trainer?

  3. tauta joe

    thats what im talking about,hardcore training is what i always thought is the way to inspire me i feel like i need to train like you to achieve anything i wanna achieve.but i think for me to be much more stronger i need someone like you to push me to that extra mile.i like what you shared on you tube its really inspiring to good bro.

  4. del wallace

    a hard working,hard core guy.should be an inspiration to all the young guys going to the gym today pumping steriods into themselves before they have learnt to lift the weights.its not just “going to the gym”its a path chosen for how you live your life.

  5. Joe suliman

    Ct fletcher is a very inspiring man , thanks for info !

  6. Dado

    Hey my name is dado I’m from sydney Australia I have been inspired by CT I would love to meet you one day since watching your clips on YouTube everything improved in the gym thanks to you and your clips

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