Strength Project Workshops with Sam Tribble

Strength Project is a traveling team. In 2014, we plan to do hosts in various countries. We are also planning to host workshops at our new facility in... [...]

Sam Tribble Parallel Bar Series

Please visit the store for more information. Virtually every upper body muscle can be targeted using the parallel bars. The parallel bars or "dip bars", should not... [...]


latest projects

  • Team SP

    So we have finally decided to organize the SP Team!  I am very fortunate to be around enthusiastic athletes who train strictly for the passion of it.  The Strength Project has no restrictions with class or color....
  • The Flying Tortillas

    The Flying Tortillas is a group I perform with during the summer on weekends and during festivals.  We started doing this for fun and training.  During the years, the positive feedbacks we’ve received from fans has allowed...